About us

Founded in London, Lamar is a collaboration between Ana Sánchez and Daniel Vazquez. Her contemporary silk scarves are based on Daniel's photographs, combined with Ana's fashion expertise and her masterful eye for design and print.

It seems that in Ana Sánchez (Arcos de la Frontera) and Daniel Vázquez (Cádiz), restlessness, creativity and entrepreneurship came as standard. She, from the field of fashion, and he, from graphic design and artistic direction. A -personal and professional- couple who decide, after numerous cultural and editorial projects in Cádiz, to take their talent and curiosity to London and embark on an important artistic and professional career there.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Ana and Daniel ended up coming together in a common project that would see the light of day at Broadway market, in London in 2013. From researches, influences and shared dreams, this very personal, global and intimate project, which is Lamar scarves, was born. Memories linked to the sea, to the coast, printed in natural and sustainable silk. His visual poetry, her object elegance, a necessary, inescapable symbiosis. The seas and beaches that saw them grow become icons of artistic and emotional identity.

We all have a sea, a beach where our childhood, our memory stayed. We spend our lives trying to return to that sea, to those memories, like waves that beat over and over again. That is why Ana and Daniel decided to return to their sea, to their beach, and to recreate and undertake from the place that was always waiting for them.

They came back the same, but also so different. Hence, the return to Cádiz of the two creators from Cádiz has come hand in hand with a rethinking of the brand, a reformulation of expectations and commitments. Talking about Lamar now is to continue talking about visual poetics, contemporary fashion, but also talking about ecological awareness and creative ethics. Casa Lamar takes a crucial step in its commitment to the culture of sustainability. Art and conscience, together at last.