Lamar Project

The new craftsmanship as the only sustainable alternative

Proyecto Lamar is an answer to the XXI century Renaissance of good taste and appreciation for creativity and craft. The act of designing from the heart and make it into reality with your own hands, that is the true talent that we as Lamar Project want to recover mixing tradition and avant-garde, patrimony and present, market and culture. A global tendency that revalues creativity and traditional jobs in order to take them back to the present so they can become future.


The transformative power of craft

The new craft as the only sustainable alternative solution that is needed because the social and environmental crisis that our planet suffers. In Project Lamar we recover jobs and traditions that seemed almost extinct, conserve the cultural patrimony, strengthen the work of different communities and revalue ancestral traditions. A returning to the objects that make history, living culture, objects that are memory and future.

The New Makers

With the objetive of the revaluation of the new local craftwork and the creation a future for them, Lamar Project has selected 18 creators and craftsmen linked to Cadiz. Potters, painters, wood and palm (among others) craftsmen, people whose pieces are a reflect of our values. We want to contribute to the recovery and global expansion of the enormous creative and artisanal of our native land by using a virtual portal and a exhibition space.

A project more emotional than commercial. Past, present and future united thanks to two creators from Cadiz that with their restlessness and work add enrichment and value to the modern culture of Cadiz.