Introducing Miguel Ángel Alcalá


When in a work, in a creation, material, mastery, tradition and life itself come together, it is difficult for it not to dazzle us with its truth, not to transmit something authentic to us. This subtle and exceptional fusion of elements guides us at CASA LAMAR in the search for creators and creations from our environment that shine for their artisanal excellence and for the aesthetic proposal they propose, and the work of Miguel Ángel Alcalá (Morón de la Frontera, 1965 ) only reaffirms us on that path.

Discovering the work of Miguel Ángel Alcalá - umbilically linked to the Cal Museum of Morón - has done nothing more than give us unique moments and sensations. His knowledge and creativity with an ancient material such as lime, the exquisite use he makes of the stucco technique whether in marble or plaster, his reflection on form and color, have us fascinated, like a child who has just finished discover something magical.

Creativity is transforming the usual into something new, reformulating tradition, as Miguel Ángel Alcalá does with his pieces (plates, vases or candy boxes), based on knowledge of the craft, turning it into a renewed, unexpected, contemporary proposal. Surrender to the next, to what nature has given us since ancient times - plaster, linseed oil, strong glue, natural pigments - and convert it into works that provoke tactile and visual emotions, which transform the spaces where they reside.

The work of Miguel Ángel Alcalá organically connects the aesthetic and the ethical from a consciousness where work with elements of nature is united with the care of the environment to which they belong, that space where, as Miguel Ángel says, tradition coheres. and the natural, where past, present and future flow in unison. Miguel Ángel Alcalá's pieces are like the creations that his son makes in plasticine, a festival of form and color where time and innocence meet, where creativity only knows how to play, pure CASA LAMAR.