OCEANS & COLOURS, the new CASA LAMAR collection

A chromatic festival that expresses and dresses itself.

Colours are made for our senses - we see blue, we smell orange, we touch earth - and they ignite emotions, illuminate the mood, and stimulate creativity. A language that we have inscribed because it is the one with which nature expresses itself and we with it.

Colour, a vehicle to project in a renewed way our constant inspiration in the sea through a series of natural silk scarves that recreate different moments experienced on the coasts of Portugal, England or Cádiz, exploring their chromatic possibilities. But it is also a vehicle for the design of garments – dresses, shirts or trench coats – that celebrate color, that express unforgettable moments and emotions.

OCEANS&COLOURS, turning the year into spring, a state of mind, a way of expressing oneself, of projecting oneself through the infinite energy of color. Taking out the colors as a way of saying who we are.

CASA LAMAR, it's not about dressing, it's about expressing yourself.