Shen Lin


 Probably, the first thing a person asks is what is doing in Cadiz a talented taiwanese fashion designer, but it is even more possible that the person who asks this question doesn't know Shen Lin- neither his work-, because otherwise they wouldn't be asking that question in the first place. Because the life and work of Shen Lin has been defined by searching, experimentation, aesthetic travels. Since he used his mother sewing machine for the first time at 5 years old, Shen Lin has never separated from it, or so it seems. That machine was a destiny.

Shen Lin's work as a fashion and accessories designer comes from a deep reflection about tradition and classicism, and then deconstruct them in orden to generate new creative possibilities. From his knowledge of techniques and materials, Shen Lin explores the possibilities of clothing and accessories design, taking his creations to surprising unexplored horizons. By reformulating geometry and volumes, and blurring the line between fashion and sculpture, Shen Lin invites us to be more risky, because there is not art without risk.

A perfect example of this can be found in his recent works with feathers -maybe one of the oldest fashion accessories used by humankind-,which thanks to Shen Lin's work acquire a completely contemporary innovative expression. Feathers- symbol of the ethereal lightness of nature- that form steamy structures of ephemeral fragility, like if they were corals hanging on air. A weightless elegance, a floating beauty.

« When it is necessary to explain too much an artistic piece, it loses its magic. If the piece is good, it speaks by itself and the viewers connect directly with the item. This is the most beautiful moment».

Let's not talk then, as we let Shen Lin pieces bring us this moment.