Rocio Montero


Rocío Montero's life (Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz) and Knot to Knot is a story made step by step, knot by knot. A vital creative process linked to macrame that started on her childhood as her personal self-learnt discovery, and that would reach its cenit with important collaborations with relevant figures in the world of fashion like Palomo Spain o Leandro Cano, allowing Knot to Knot to be present in very important events like Madrid Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week, and also got her work published in very important publications such a Vogue. Hers is a story of passion, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Rocío Montero knows how to bring to light all the expressive aesthetic potential of this ancient art (already used by sirians and persians) with a contemporary approach. Designs born from the necessity of express emotions and moods, and that find in her hands the precision to turn those ideas into objects, daydreams into reality. Cotton, linen, hemp, jute, leather... the material doesn't matter because Rocío's hands are able to create with them unique compositions far away from serially manufactured products. Tradition, avant-garde and sustainability are concepts celebrated by Rocío Montero in each of her creations.

«When you love Craft, when you feel the need of working with your own hands, when you dedicate your time to create something beautiful putting attention to detail, you already feel rewarded. The biggest achievement that a craftsman can reach is the satisfaction that comes with creating something.».

Just looking at any piece made by Rocío Montero makes you feel that satisfaction, love, attention to detail. And this is what makes Knot to knot an unique approach: the passion that her creator puts in each thread, in each knot.