Rafael Patino


Rafaela Patino's ceramic was conceived hundreds of thousands years ago, as revealed in the handpicked clay she finds in the potteries near the ancient Via Augusta across El Puerto and Jerez. This clay must be ground, soaked, beaten, decanted, strained, kneaded and then given form, in a process in which Rafaela reinvents an ancient craft.

 «The sea and everything surrounding it is present in my creations, and I give them the movement I see in my mind by mixing textures and forms».

On Rafaela's ceramics and decorations you can find a constant will to experiment, creative exploration as a way to express personal processes, environmental lights and shapes, the living wisdom of people. That is the reason why her pieces are conceived to be unique, unrepeatable. In each one of them there is a unique miracle, an exclusive existence. The four elemental forces of nature find in Rafaela's ceramics a unique expression. A piece, and end in itself.