Pepe Muñoz


Turning the art of ceramics into «reflections of tradition and avant-garde» can be a good starting point to talk about the work of Pepe Muñoz (Cádiz), as it allows us to follow a career that starts by being an student in Cadiz Art School and nowadays continues in that same school as a teacher, after teaching in different Andalusian art schools.

Between those moments, countless exhibitions and the foundation of his own workshop along with the Formato A-7 collective, important hits in a life dedicated to the study and exploration of ceramics, as well as its transmission and its future life as legacy. Tradition and avant-garde that meet each other and express themselves in Pepe Muñoz's ceramics. The work of this gaditan ceramist is defined by a constant will of experimentation, process in which chance determines many times the final configuration of the pieces, both in form and decoration. A constant search of diverse materials and techniques with the objective of transmit the secret ancient alchemy of ceramics.

«I use different types of clay or paste, especially high temperature ones (stoneware, ovenproof, porcelain), different types of enamel (crystallisation, Celadon, lava effect, etc.), as well as ceramic screen printing for the decoration of many of my pieces. I also use a variety of techniques: churros, lathe, casting molds, engraving, etc».

A valuable amount of techniques, materials and abilities that can only come from a knowledge sink deep in tradition, on the biography of ceramics, but that also search, avant-garde, new forms and textures, new possibilities, that constantly create contemporary pieces, alive, that stimulate our aesthetic perception filling it with present.