Lucrecia González-Santiago


Lucrecia González-Santiago (Cádiz) comments that she inherited her mother's creative urges, like one inherits eye color or the shape of fingers, a personality, a destiny, something that can't be chosen. Those urges took her to sign her first portraits at 18 years old, or to attend with hungry interest to the classes of Cadiz Art and Craft School. Maybe that was one her necessary destinies, creation and education, like the two sides of the same coin. Tarifa and "Parque de los Alcornocales" complete the rest of cardinal points of this gaditan painter.

Lucrecia González-Santiago is a searcher, an explorer that makes of creative process an aesthetic way of life. Her large career of projects, exhibitions and courses turns her work into an existentialist pictorial biography where inspiration, reflection and beauty have generated a diverse rich complex approach. Searches of patterns and stimuli , techniques and materials, that demonstrate an inexhaustible enthusiasm for the image, for the multiplicity of its form and evocations, for the possibilities of it final medium.

«In this new phase, I use paper as medium, occasionally made by me, sometimes embossed and stamped in which the matrix is proposed by my near natural environment. I make my own colors with pigments and resin and use them, like gouache filling, aniline, painting oil or pastel bars, graphite,calcium carbonate, giving my work a "material" touch».

A phase which, in the present moment, is in its creative beginnings, but that step by step has been clarifying its mediums, techniques and materials, but, most importantly, has been delimiting a chromatic conceptual spectrum: the bowl as a reflection about being and the void, content and container, form and depth. The ancient lucubration of philosophers and aesthetes – Why is there something instead of nothing? – narrated by the hands of this bold inexhaustible enthusiastic creator.