Lely Salazar


Lely Salazar (Cadiz) 's relationship with ceramics is indissolubly joined to her education, that started in the 80s at Barcelona's Jorca School, and would continue, in the 90s, in Cadiz Art and Craft School and the opening of her own workshop, to finally join in 2018 Cadiz's Ceramists Club. Años de aprendizaje, exploración y creatividad que han dado como resultado un estilo propio y reconocible.

There can't be a personal approach, or unique style, without drinking first from tradition, from the ancient knowledge of centuries of developing craft techniques. Lely Salazar always knew how to express in a contemporary creative language from tradition and the past.

«Ceramics gives me the chance to put into objects the ideas suggested to me by nature in a personal and free creative process. Those pieces are present in the environment we live on and is there where they acquire the value of their singularity.».

Singularity present from the center of tradition, that is what Lely Salazar and her ceramics are.