Jesus Pizones


Jesús Pizones (Rota, Cádiz) says that, probably, the inspiration for his JP4 Artwwod project came with his discovery of certain american wood sculptor on Internet. He can't deny it. But discoveries, illuminations, never come from nothingness. Everything is part of a process and consecutive contexts. That is why the genius idea of JP4 Artwood started to build during the years in which Jesús Pizones worked in Madrid as parquet installer and foreman. We can imagine him creating a new pattern every day , dreaming with new forms and new expressive ways to work with wood.


Once the spell was cast- something that never comes from magic, but from effort, courage and entrepreneurship- Jesús Pizones started to set his creativity and restlessness for design free and put them into forms and unique approaches. Purses -his iconic SADA- pendants, rings, bracelets and decorative items that are imprinted with years of manual learning and the developing of an radically contemporary unique aesthetic .

Jesús Pizones remembers that the first time that he participated in a Design and Craft fair in Madrid he was surprised by the positive reaction of the attendants to his approach, and this was what motivated him to deep into his and wood's capacities, and to start a creative business craft project that is unique due to its design line and its perfection.

Lightness, flexibility and finesse emanate from every piece of JP4 Artwood, qualities that we would hardly associate with wood, and yet they naturally flow and converge in every one of his creations.