Isabel Moltó


Due to one of those whims of creativity, one of the first sensations that comes to mind when we contemplate the work of Isabel Moltó (Pamplona, ​​Navarra) is "south." A trip, an escape to North Africa, to the Mediterranean light and the Atlantic immensity through ceramics and textiles that transport us, that move us. Happy whimsy. 


Fascinated, as was also the case with great artists, by the strength and sensuality of African and southern art, the proposal neo-ethnic  by Isabel Moltó stands out for its select color palette, the work on textures and touches, and the austere elegance of the shapes and finishes. A playful and personal universe that gives her work a distinct and recognizable identity.

His training in restoration of graphic materials, his work with jewelry and, above all, a long career of experimentation and work, have formed an eclectic work not only in aesthetic influences, but also in techniques and materials that make his pieces a rich set. and dazzling.

In their case, furthermore, aesthetics also become ethical since the constant recourse to the reuse of materials represents a necessary sustainability exercise not only in the process itself, but as a speaker for collective and sustainable awareness. Beautiful objects that not only transport us, stimulate us, but also make us aware.