Isabel Moltó


Because of creativity whims, ocreativity's whims, one of the sensations we feel when we observe the creations of Isabel Moltó (Pamplona, Navarra) is «south». A journey to the North of Africa, Mediterranean light and the Atlantic vast experienced across her moving ceramics and textiles. Happy whim


Like many great artists, she was fascinated by the strength and sensuality of African art. Isabel's neo-ethnic approach stands out because its fancy color palette, the work on its textures and the austere elegance of its forms. A playful personal universe that gives her art a unique identity easy to recognise.

Her training in graphic material restoration, her work with jewellery, and, on top of that, her long career of work and experimentation, has formed an eclectic work, not only on its aesthetic influences, but also on the use of techniques and materials, that makes of her pieces a rich and dazzling set.

Also, in her case, aesthetic becomes ethic due to the constant reusing of materials is a sustainability exercise needed not only in the creative process, but also as a voice to raise awareness about collective sustainability. Beautiful pieces that not only transport and stimulate us, but also makes us better people.