Ines Casas


From archeology to ceramics. Inés Casas' career and experience as an archaeologist, having participated in numerous excavations, research and studies of ancient ceramics, ended up awakening her passion for the craft.

Inés Casas began her artistic career as a restorer, using the knowledge acquired through her research to create faithful replicas of prehistoric ceramics, passing through the "Centro di Restauro", Florence, in her formative period in which she managed to recover the beauty of numerous pieces ceramics from different periods.


Finally, in 2010 Inés Casas would end up entering the Della Robbia School of Artisans, where she learned everything about current craft techniques, thus complementing her knowledge of ancient ceramics.

 Thus, Inés Casas' current ceramic works are strongly inspired by the natural beauty of prehistoric ceramics, which she uses both to capture nature and to address such complex topics as the passage of time, memory or oblivion. Her work is characterized by being respectful of the environment, both in the materials she uses, natural and recycled, and in the processing of waste.