Fernando G. Duran


The personal intimate relationship between Fernando G. Duran (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz) and the potter's wheel began on the early years of the 80s in Salvatierra de los barros (Extremadura)- the name couldn't be more foreshadowing-. It was there where a young Fernando met the potter master Luciano Nogales, and under whose wing he learned step by step the basic principles of an ancient job. With this initial education completed, Fernando returned to his native Jerez where he started to go to the few potteries that remained in the city and where he began to teach his first courses. That in the 90s he decided to open his own pottery workshop was only a natural move.

It was there where he started to create what he calls 100% utilitarian pieces: vases, glasses, bowls, jugs.... But not much time after that, Fernado G. Duran started to create what others would call «the weird things that Fernando makes on his spare time», but that with the pass of time have become the identity of his approach, giving it an unique unmistakable charisma. What started as craftwork has been getting closer to art.

Fernando G. Duran claims that art is created, while craftwork is born. The craftsman with his work and talent helps to give birth to items that have a function or fulfil a necessity. However, art is game, chance, pure creativity without function or creativity. Fernando comments that he feels more like a craftsman than an artist, and that if his work is considered art depends of the spectators. We believe that this potter from Jerez is both a craftsman and an artist, because giving birth from craftwork, he creates and innovates from art.

The «weird things» collection made by Fernando G. Duran is made of risky, playful, surprising pieces that manage to reform the traditional codes of this ancient manual job that sinks its roots in the deeps of time, presenting itself as a radically contemporary craftwork made in the heart of tradition.