Cristina Castellsague


Even if Cristina Castellsague (Barcelona) has been painting for a relative short amount of time, a complete set of knowledge and experiences in interior design, fashion and cinema, as well as her many personal experiences and living stages, have crystallised in a pictorial work that is in a constant self-affirming developing process.

That is why Cristina Castellsague claims that, both in her personal and artistic life, she has been influenced not only by the stuff that has happened to her, the changes in her life but mostly by those moments where it seemed that nothing was happening. Times that for others would be considered empty or a transition, for Cristina were chances of growing, introspection, enrichment, reflection and personal creative orientation.

«At first, communication is always between me and what I want to do. When I start something I don't know what is inside, or what will come out. There is always a shape, a color, an image or an emotion that is what carries the rest: composition, form, color mixing... I unawarely try to search beauty, peace and harmony in my pieces.

That constant search, that devotion to chance, causes that we find in Cristina Castellsague's work techniques, mediums and different styles that go from the abstract expressionism of some her paintings to the näif impressionism, among other. Still life, items, scenes that thanks to her elegant work of irregular lines and imperfect strokes takes us to a space of calm and quietness, simple beauty, long desired harmony.