Antonio Gandano


Antonio Gandano, hut making master. All important things to tell gravitate in a few words, because Gandano (Arcos de la Frontera) is living culture, one of the few that carries inside the three instances of time: past, present, and future. The ancient cane continues and will continue being a reality thanks to Antonio.

Antonio's cane huts and covers were in his veins since the moment he was born. His father lived in a hut since birth. From him, Antonio received admiration and respect for the field, like he likes to call it. Everything comes from there, from the knowledge of nature and its ways. Later, it was chance what confirmed a destiny in a walk for the beach, back in 1989, when, spontaneously, he decided to approach a group of men that were building up a cane hut not very far from the shore. And, like if it was some sort of unknown plan, Antonio helped them that day and the next one. Since then until now, his uninterrupted career of learning first and mastery after has turn Antonio Gandano and his work into an international leading figure in this matter, in an always active institution.