Alfonso Barrera


Alfonso Barrera (Cádiz) abstract painting is a celebretion of color, chance and composition, like if the artist thanks to his travels and experiences had accumulated an endless storage of shapes and lights. With an art style similar to those of Rothko, Clifford Still and the most geometrical version of Pollock, the pieces of this gaditan artist work with color like they were chromatic territories composing an irreal geography. Despite its abstract style, Alfonso Barrera's paintings evoke natural compositions, organic forms or dreamed architectures.

Maybe everything comes from the self-learnt character of his painting, because Alfonso Barrera's work has something of process, evolution -for more than 20 years- but in his own way and rhythm , outside circuits and ambients, like an island in middle of the figurative character of most of gaditan painters.


«For me, painting has to be the result of a creative process in which I introspectively search inside of the painting shapes that configure the piece, either being aware of what I am doing or thoughtless. Quiero que fluya el azar para, desde dentro de él, ir buscando la composición».

Alfonso Barrera paintings are the result of a constructive process - like if he worked with irregular blocks of color- in which intent and chance get mixed, sometimes rotund and linear, other in subtle apparitions, almost transparent, of characters or forms that are concurrent in a collage like composition. A territory between necessity and contingency where geometries, colours and forms flood the spectator's view.