Alfonso Barrera


The abstract painting of Alfonso Barrera (Cádiz) is a celebration of color, chance and composition, as if, through travel and experiences, the painter had been accumulating a bottomless deposit of shapes and lights. With a style related to Rothko, Clifford Still and the more geometric Pollock, the works of the Cadiz artist work with colors as if they were chromatic territories that made up an unreal geography. Despite its abstraction, Alfonso Barrera's painting evokes natural compositions, organic forms or dreamed architectures.

Perhaps it all comes from the self-taught nature of his painting, because Alfonso Barrera's work has something of a process, of evolution - of more than 20 years - but in his own way and rhythm, outside the circuits and environments, like an island in the middle of the figurative character of the majority of Cadiz painters.

«The painting in me has to be the result of a creative process in which I introspectively search for forms within the painting that, consciously or even unconsciously, give shape to the work. "I want chance to flow so that, from within it, I can search for composition."

Alfonso Barrera's canvases are the result of a constructive process - as if he were working with irregular blocks of color - in which intention and chance are confused, sometimes resounding and linear, other times, in subtle, almost transparent appearances of characters or shapes. that come together in compositions close to the collage. A territory between necessity and contingency where geometries, colors and shapes powerfully flood the viewer's gaze.